MARCH 2009

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Hi there Ladies and gentlemen. May you always have abundance opportunities and the good energy needed to work well in that opportnity. The FixYaFace Inner Beauty/Outer Wellness Blogazine is grateful for the new viewers and dedicated readers that frequent this space through out the month. Our connection and exchange of ideas to "keep faith and keep going" means a lot to me as well. For that I thank you.

Life has a way of teetering your good energy to the left--at a stand still on empty and/or to the right of the spectrum's full working force end. We have to love our individual lives enough to always lean the dial positively. Faith is a wonderful tool for this. Other tools are your family, friends, abilities and desires. Bring your abundant tools together to do the job of upkeeping your spirit. The newness is endless just like your blessings. Continue to count them and never ever run out of numbers. Start at your highest level of a healthy mind/body/soul and various healthy relationships of the sort will prevail. Maintain a piece of mind that leads you to rational working choices. If a true goal is thinkable, then it is merely steps away from being doable. Congratulations! I believe in us. Just by come here to FYF, treating others as you want to be treated and having a grateful outlook on all things in your realm. Here's to us all capturing that spirit, concept and desire to get on with it! Get on with entering a that better phrase of your life. Get on with helping others in your reach. Get on with letting someone help you with tangled emotions that need clarity.

Smiling inside is destined to show on your actions, outlook and on your facial expressions. So by all means-have fun! Have faith! And FIX YA FACE!

Have a wonderful March! We are almost making history!!
Happy birthday Aquarius and Pisces! See you soon.

-Marcella Precise

Exercises Of The Month:
1. Think thoughts that support what you want to feel
Forgive those who...
3. Never argue. Run out of words and go for a walk.



A BEAUTIFUL MIND welcomes to the interview chairs:



As we use our energy to enhance our lives and those we touch, we walk faith AND a force unique in itself. That uniqueness displays understanding, passion, strength and a sense of humor. All wrapped up to a energizer your days here, so that one feeling can prevail... PEACE!!
Meet two Pleasant Evolving Assertive Caring Encouraging beautiful
women loving in this lifetime.
Please enjoy a glimpse of their journey thus far.

MARCELLA PRECISE'S FAVORITE FIND has a review of great item worth showcasing.

The BE MY GUEST area would like to introduce to you.. Mrs. Deidre Cash-Simmons. Fresh off her Cancun honeymoon and ready to share some highlights of the first days in her new journey as Jerry Simmons wife. Deirdre Cash is a HR Manager of a engineering firm and Ceo of the travel agency, Cast Your Net 153. Originally from Arkansas, by way of Maryland and now proud to be a thriving New Yorker.

SHE DID IT!! is where passionate, sincere and dedicated individuals across the world are honored. Send us an email about 1 you know. SEND US YOUR BIRTH DATE TO POST!



February is Safe Toys & Gifts Month, as per gkindia.com
Sunday Febraury, 2009

Avocado, The Aficianado of Goodness

The New Fruit Of The Month is the Avocado. The avocado contains, but not limited to, Vitamin K (stores calcium for bone health), good source of Folate and Vitamin B6 ( maintain immune system functions). YOU should take inventory of your unique dietary needs to enhance your healthy methods of maintaining that enjoyable life of yours. Small additions can help to subtract the bigger worries.

Have avocado sliced on it's own or with black beans and rice.
Deliciously healthy in my opinion:)

(Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.)


...spices up cleansing regimen real nicely. The delightful fragrance of , only compliments the sweet ingredients (not limited to) of the coconut milk and caramelized brown sugar extract .
Shower and endulge in all it has to offer your mind/body and spirit! If you try, lets us know about it!

Please use your own personal discretion /caution if you are allergic, sensitive or unsure.




A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long?

I don't have a theme song for my life but I enjoy listening to Coltrane, Bob Marley, Prince, Nancy Wilson, Nina Simone, Lauren Hill, Sade, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, Michael Jackson, Doug E. Fresh and India.Arie. There are also many other artists whom I turn to for strength and inspiration.

My favorite song at the moment is India.Arie's "There's Hope." It's about keeping faith in God and your life. One of the key refrains in the some is "It doesn't cost a thing to smile. You don't have to pay to laugh. You better thank God for that." The song is in my IPOD so I can play it whenever I'm having a challenging day.

I take time to pray and relax in the morning before I get out of bed but I also find myself praying on the train. I live in Brooklyn and I have a 40-minute ride to my office on 96th Street so I often find it to be a perfect place to pray and occasionally scribble poems if something moves me.


I founded African Voices in 1992 to give a home to the creative artists of our time. The magazine publishes poetry, fiction and visual art by people of color as well as share the stories of artists working in many other fields. We have featured everyone from the late legendary choreographer Katherine Dunham to photographer Gordon Parks. We were fortune enough to publish interviews with them before they passed.

African Voices publishes 25 to 30 writers an issue depending on the number of pages, which range from 44 to 52 pages. Currently, we have a campaign to attract more talented writers who are under 35 because this is an exciting time when young people are beginning to come of age as a force in politics, art and culture. I think the recent historic presidential campaign with Barack Obama winning is truly a demonstration of this generation's ingenuity and creativity. African Voices recently announced a contest targeting young writers and the winning artists will be feature on our website as well as receive payment for their work.

African Voices is a non-profit arts organization and we have several community programs we offer including
Get Your Read On! (GYRO!), a family literacy campaign;
African Voices Brownstone Reading Series, a reading series featuring books by authors from the African Diaspora; Rhymes, Rhythms & Rituals, an outdoor poetry concert in the park series; Cultural Circle Conference, a resource for writers to learn about career opportunities; and Reel Sisters of the Diaspora Film Fesitval & Lecture Series, a festival for women filmmakers produced in collaboration with Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus.

We want to encourage everyone to support the magazine by subscribing and joining our membership campaign. For more information visit

3. Since it's creation, what new result (s) and/or positive occurrences are you most proud of so far?

Publishing a literary magazine is a difficult task and I'm proud of each issue we publish. I know that seems corny but finding the money and resources to keep each issue going is quite a feat!

I'm just proud of the evolution of the magazine from a slim 12-page newsprint publication to a respectable 48-page magazine capable of showcasing contemporary visual artists on the front cover in a four-color glossy format. I think the talented selection of artists and writers we've showcased over the last 16 years is the greatest achievement that God has humbly given me as a publisher and writer.

4.What early part of your life's journey prompted you to create the REEL SISTERS FILM FESTIVAL as such a necessary outlet?

I co-produced "Underground Voices," a short film with poet Reg E. Gaines in 1996. It was a short snapshot of the poetry movement in Brooklyn and at the time, I went to the Cannes Film Festival and tried other avenues to get someone interested in financing a longer documentary. I met another female producer at the time and realized how hard it was for women filmmakers to get their work financed.

I got the idea to found Reel Sisters from an article in Essence, which focused on how hard it was for women actresses to get work in the film industry and it hit me that the fact that African-American women represent less than one percent of the Hollywood directing jobs was the source of the problem.

I founded Reel Sisters an outlet for women of color in the film industry to come together to network, showcase their work and create opportunities that are not available in Hollywood.

Reel Sisters will celebrate its 12th year anniversary next year and we have screened more than 300 films written, produced or directed by women of color. We're currently planning to tour some of the films around the country.

For information visit

5. With some of your successful experiences allowing you to connect with other purposeful people, what are some of your day-to-day activities?

Last month, African Voices just honored jazz legend Nancy Wilson and we had the pleasure to connect with many politicians, artists and community leaders at our event. I do my best to attend many professional events and forums but on a day-to-day basis I interact with people via phone and e-mail. I recently discovered twitter and I enjoy the online social networking that allows people to connect from across the globe to across the street.

I'm also blessed with a gift that I can find a way to reach out to almost any one and form a personal or professional connection but by nature I am a bit shy!

6. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

I love reading, walking, surfing the Internet and bicycling. I enjoy the time I spend with my husband whether it's walking across the Brooklyn Bridge or sitting at home watching movies.

I enjoy traveling. I would like to try skydiving. I imagine the exhilaration of gliding through the air would be as close I would come to truly flying.

7. One thing on my Life List (something you'd still love to accomplish but haven't done yet in this lifetime) is...

Motherhood. I would love to have my first child. I would also like to make my first trip to Africa. I'm interested in visiting Ghana and South Africa.

8. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever-changing world?

My husband Carl keeps me grounded. It was always my Dad who kept me grounded but he made his transition three years ago. Sometimes I still ask what Daddy would say when I'm in a difficult situation. His spirit still guides me in some ways.

9. What are 2 qualities that you prefer and respect about your mate at this point in your life?

I adore Carl's humor and intelligence.

10. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice early on and what was it?

I guess my Dad made me believe from an early age that I was capable of doing anything I put my mind to. It's not really advice but it's confidence and instilling a sense of self-worth. My Dad and maternal grandmother were very spiritual and introduced me to the power of God and faith. Although they have transitioned, they both are still in my life.

11. What piece of business advice would you like to share?

It's important to establish good business practices and having a business plan that is flexible to your business as it evolves. In running my small business, I think it's important to keep a low debt ratio so I rarely borrow more money than the organization is able to pay off within a three to five year period. It is also good to plan for economic downturns such as the one the nation is experiencing now. It's important to have a cash flow calendar that shows anticipated income and expenditures for each month.

I want to encourage people who are just starting out in business to pursue their dreams and make sure they do the work to establish good business principles and practices from the start.

12. What is NEXT for you in 2009?

I'm working on a collection of poetry and short stories entitled
God's Pen and I plan to complete it.

13. Choose 2: The Food Network, The Hallmark Channel, BET AND The Discovery/Planet Green Channel?

BET and The Discovery and The Hallmark Channel

Entitlement II (Ask Me Why I Paint Sunsets?)
I could paint pictures of piss-stained elevators
and sidewalks strewn with crack-vials
I would paint these in shades of gray
But my brush wouldn’t dare —
not when sunsets beckon,
casting orange/gold /magenta spells
over slate-cold streets
I could tell you stories of growing up dodging bullets
and surviving a family broken
from years of abuse
But I don’t own those stories
My story began Down South
where my grandfather built a church from a single
corner of limestone
and ministered to hundreds of souls
Winds blew my grandfather’s seeds Northeast
they took root in my father’s ambition for a better life
I could tell you my father found poverty
lurking in darkened hallways...
But I didn’t author that fable either
My Dad found sunshine in his pockets and
shared it with the world
My story begins with hot-chocolate days
on snowy afternoons,
siblings creating angels for the sun to melt away
And always
there are sunsets and sunrises
framing each day
the same
life of grace
you embrace
I live
I paint sunsets
You deserve better
So do
© 1999 Carolyn A. Butts


A Beautiful Mind welcomes


1. If there's a song that reflects your vibe, what would that song be? Do you meditate, pray or/and take time to mentally relax? If so, what part of the day? For how long?

I am a big music fan, so it would be incredibly hard for me to just select one song to reflect my vibe. My vibe varies from day to day, even hour to hour. My ipod has everything from Onyx and Slick Rick to Marvin Sapp and Avril Lavigne. I can say I like a little India Arie or Alicia Keys when I am just trying to mellow out and reflect some. As for meditation, I do not as of yet, but I keep saying I would like to try to meditate and start doing yoga as well. I do however pray. I am well aware that I am blessed and I thank God as much as I can for all that he does in my life.

2. At what point in your early life did YOU know that being a lawyer would be in your future?
When I was a young girl, my mouth was always a force to be reckoned with. I loved to talk and I loved a challenge or debate. Older family members would tell me you are fit to be a lawyer or a media person; and hence I am doing both.

3. Tell us about your books "DIVA DIARIES", "SHE'S NO ANGEL" and your latest release. What inspires you to write?

Diva Diaries, coming into womanhood I began to see alot more of what life was like for woman like myself and those unlike myself. The daily drama and secrets we go through as woman trying to maintain our dreams and yet maintain our image is not a boring tale, so I figured I would tell the stories of things I have been through along with women that I know.
She's No Angel was just a story I wanted to tell. A story of consequences. A story of thinking before you do, because not everything can be chalked up to 'young and dumb.' Some things you have to wiser about regardless of your age. This story is about Charlene who learned the hard way, that having a fun and wild youth would effect her as an adult more than she ever did imagine.
My latest release, Playthang, is a follow up to Diva Diaries in a sense. One of the characters, Jordan, who actually most resembled myself is dealing with a slew of changes in her life all at once. After a let down from the man she thought was her soul mate, she turned to the ways of all the women she once criticized. This story is my biggest fear- lol. I wrote it from a place where I could totally relate, its everything I never expect for my life but I know that in life, you never know. So I wrote the story as a warning to all woman as well as myself.

4. With your successful experiences ranging from excelling as the Music Coordinator for NY radio station Hot 97 while working on your Law Degree and having been offered your first book deal (now available at amazon.com & barnesandnoble.com) , allowing you to connect with people around the globe, what are some of your day to day activities?

I wish they stayed the same. I am literally over the place at this stage in my career. Both entertainment and law play a major role in what I want to be and who I am. I still attend my classes daily (I graduate from law school in May 2009), I am still working, doing legal internships, writing books, doing promo tour for books, writing articles for magazines and radio, and trying to maintain my personal life that consists of my family and friends, and getting in quality time with my boyfriend/ bestfriend. There is never really a day that goes the same. I try to get in what I can fit in.

5. What do you do for fun? What new fun thing would you like to try?

I usually spend time with my boyfriend for fun honestly, or I just hang out with my friends or family. I am a low key person, I enjoy just spending quality time at home with loved ones. My real idea of fun is vacation though. That is my ideal form of fun!

6. One thing on my Life List is to have a child. I look forward to being a mother. I do not want to become so engulfed in my career, that I forget to make time for what matters most, and that to me is family. The things to still complete on my life list is marriage, children, my own successful practice, negotiating my first major multi million (or billion) dollar deal, my autobiography at the age of 50, and visiting Paris. (Yes, I am dying to go to Paris and do the tourist thing).

7. What/Who keeps your grounded in this ever changing world?

My family and my boyfriend. I hate to be repetitive, but its true. My family is more than a girl can ask for. AMAZING and supporting parents, siblings, dozens of cousins and aunts and uncles, etc. I love where I come from. My boyfriend was my best friend for 6 years prior to us dating and he has been my rock and voice of reason through alot of my life changes. The people in my life have been blessings in so many ways, and I thank God for them.

8. What are 2 qualities that you prefer in a mate at this point in your life?

Integrity and Maturity I guess would be the two. I look for a friend in my mate, I believe without that a relationship has a lot to make up for. The mate I have and would look for if I was single would have to have some self value and respect. I want my mate to be about his business and be strong minded. A man who could put his pride aside is aces in my book, no sense pretending your entire life, at some point its time to just get real.

9. Who gave you 1 really good piece of advice and what was it?

Michael Baisden gave me great advice when I got my first book deal, he just reminded me that my talent is worth every bit of what I say it is worth. He reminded me to not let anyone cheat me out of what I deserve.

10. What piece of business advice would you like to share?
I'll be as non- cliche as I possibly can. Never settle for what is beneath you. You know what you want and there is absolutely NO reason why you can't have it. So don't let ANYone tell you what is not for you. YES! It may not come easy, but if you want it you will have to fight for it. So get your training in and go fight.

11. What is NEXT for you in 2009?

Seriously, in 2009 I graduate from law school and begin my journey down my newly enhanced career.

12. The Food Network, The Hallmark Channel, BET AND The Planet Green Channel? Hallmark and BET

High Heel, Low Heel OR No Heel?
Yikes, this depends on my mood; but I will say - low heel.

A Good Event, Good Food OR Good Sleep?
Good event

13. What word would best describes you right now? Ready!!!




*****Deirdre's Words Of The Month****

Upon waking up on my wedding day I wanted to relax and I still started out way too early with too much to do. Remember... I am cryer but tears were everywhere early. Yeah I had some wimpy bridesmaids LOL! I was grateful to stay in the hotel where we were getting married.
The ceremony was just as I had dreamed it would be. Even the reverends had jokes, bless their hearts,lol. Of course....Rev. Brawley told one of his infamous jokes and Rev. Cox joked about his part in their comedy routine. Jason O. Heyward's toast was awesome....Love, God and Proverbs 31... Thank you Jason. Yeeees, there were so many people there that I hadn't seen in along time. I was happy to see my boss and his wife along with the enormous (did I say enormous) amount of family AND church family.

For the honeymoon it was wonderful in CANCUN BABY!!!!! Fabulous hotel with a pleasant attentive staff. Every thing fell into place including the Sunny skies, warm temperatures and blue waters. All absolutely lovely!!! AND the same way leaving. We desired Room service only once...strawberries and chocolate..we saved the champagne and brought it back! We didn't get any special honeymoon package but we did get breakfast (that was fabulous) in one of the restaurants. We even received some champagne and chocolate covered strawberries because of a slight mix up with our room at Checking In. Absolutely no worries!

My man, my love. Mr. Simmons had the most wonderful vows that he had wrote for me. He talked about our love and remembering to have fun and watching cartoons together in our pajamas...God is wonderful for bringing me and this man together. I love hearing him say lovingly in my ear "you're gorgeous Mrs. Simmons, Good Morning Mrs. Simmons, I love you, Mrs. Simmons..." you get the point. That man's voice is sexy anyway! As far as what the future holds...We are building an empire!!! It is in our prayers for wonderful thriving businesses, giving back for the building up of God's kingdom and continued fun and enjoyment of each others company. More travel....kisses....and whispering sweet nothings, etc...etc...etc...! Husband, Cancun and Tequila..how can a girl go wrong! Thank you for even reading about my journey. God bless.




Fellas-Love God, Love yourself, Love that Woman. If you don't Love You, you won't be able to Love someone else while they Love you. I truly love you Deirdre.





Catherine Ouellette AKA DJ SYNCITY

On having a great profession year as a international DJ.
Spinning for a 25 city tour, Tiger Woods, Jamie Foxx, NY Giants and BMW



Independent Artist, MAIYSHA

on her Grammy Nominated single "WANNA BE" off her Soul/R&B album release
"THIS MUCH IS TRUE", ITunes review and new VH1 Soul TV commercial




SHANA JACKSON, Designer/ Styling Artist
of Philadelphia

For her reputable style, custom fashions and vintage clothing boutique in New York:




As per the site, "Step Up Women's Network is a national non-profit membership organization dedicated to strengthening community resources for women and girls. Through teen empowerment programs for underserved girls, women's health education and advocacy, professional mentorship and social networking opportunities... "




for all of the latest updates on health, fashion, politics, entertainment, and empowering WEEN events we have in store for you in 2009! The Pink Suite, national radio show! Wednesday night at 9pm EST! Log on to www.blogtalkradio.com/WEENRadio to listen.
Connect by calling the Pink line: 646-649-1172



Writer/Sisterlock Hair Artist

On her creative techniques for natural hair, coming out of North Carolina




Entrepreneur and Corp. Rep, SHALENA BRATCHER

On her highly recommended online self-service portal, travel agency. Timeless Tales Travel



The New Business Owners of Rosedale, NY and Tampa Bay, Florida


Because you were born...Great things were born

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